Monmouth, OR

TO SIGN UP: email

Your email should include: 

  1. What discount or special you are providing
  2. How many sidewalk squares outside your bussiness we can use

Participate in Monmouth’s Rain Activated Art Walk.

How it Works

  • The art is invisible until it rains and will be revealed when the sidewalk is wet. Different displays will be set up on the sidewalks in front of participating businesses and around Main Street Park.
  • Setup will be at the beginning of March, and the event will run from the 15th to the 31st.
  • Participating businesses will offer a discount or special and have a few sidewalk squares outside their business covered in clovers (mostly three-leaf with a single four-leaf clover)
  • People who discover the four-leafed clover art will take a photo and bring it to a participating business to earn a discount, access to a special menu item, or any other idea you have.

How to Participate

  1. Come up with a discount or special menu item.
  2. Email by March 8th. Your email Should include:
    1. Your discount
    2. How many sidewalk squares we can cover
  3. First 5 businesses to sign up are guaranteed a spot on the printed flyers; others will be listed on the website.
  4. Be ready to greet customers on March 15th who bring in a photo of the four-leafed clover art.
Rain Drops



Stronger Together

This event is possible thanks to many contributing parties. Thank you to everyone involved, with a special thanks to the City of Monmouth, Public Works for letting us use the sidewalks, all the participating businesses, and the volunteers who help set up the event.